We offer you a wide range of tyres at the best price. In addition, we offer you the most complete service so that you do not have to worry about anything: Steering alignment, levelling, repair of tyre punctures...

Our workers receive continuing training both in mechanics and in bodywork and paintwork services to offer you the best repair service according to your needs.

AUTOTALLER MAÇANET provides you with a replacement vehicle for free (except for the fuel) for the time your vehicle remains in our workshops (subject to availability).

We work to provide you with the best service.

National and international 24h. assistance

Car Bodywork and Paintwork

Auto Taller Maçanet works with two flagship brands in the fields of car bodywork and paintwork:

Spanesi benches with measuring and straightening features for repairing dents in vehicles involved in accidents. For small dents we have fast lift benches.
Standox water based paints, the car manufacturer's brand, guaranteed for life and 100% compliant with environmental regulations.

The combination of these two factors results in a perfect finish, leaving vehicles looking brand new.

Cutting Edge Pre-MOT Testing

It is essential to have the appropriate workshop equipment in order to carry out proper vehicle checks.

Our fully computerised inspection lane not only enables us to check vehicle security systems but also enables us to analyse their exact operation.


As the vehicle moves over the check plate, the path of the tyre is registered, and in this way the computer system records the path and therefore the alignment of each shaft.


We use our suspension tester to check the vehicle's suspension. The test is performed using the EUSAMA (European Shock Absorber Manufacturer Association) method. The data obtained provides us with the information needed to ascertain the condition of the suspension and the shock absorbers.

Brakes are thoroughly checked using a roller brake tester. By using this equipment, we can check effectiveness, ovality, compensation and condition. The system allows us to obtain precise graphical representation of the test performed. These graphs are then used to verify the trajectory of the vehicle when braking, the ovality of the brakes and possible vibrations during braking, the effectiveness of braking and the equilibrium between front and rear axles. The system provides us with detailed reports with specific details of each test performed.



Diagnosis, repair and maintenance of engines.


Diagnosis, repair and maintenance of automatic and manual gearboxes.


Engine control units, ABS, ESP, dashboards, air conditioning, comfort, etc. Diagnosis and repair.

Traction and Shafts

Arms, bearings, end pieces, springs, bars and mountings.

Brakes, Shock Absorbers

We check, repair and make adaptations for your security.

Clutches and Steering Wheels

Top quality clutches with a two-year warranty.


We have a wide range of tyres in stock for all brands of cars, caravans and trailers on the market.

Car Bodywork and Paintwork

All insurance companies.


All companies. Tinting.

Replacement Vehicle

We provide you with a complementary vehicle while your car is in the workshop (subject to availability).

Collection and Delivery

We provide a vehicle collection and delivery service.


We can also arrange for your MOT test, so that you do not have to make any special trips.
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